Everyone’s Fighting A Battle

Homelessness And Addiction

Once homeless, the addiction continues or even worsens. Hope of change is lost, and all sense of identity and self-worth go with it. The idea of getting clean or recovering from addiction seems pointless for the person who is living on the streets. The routine of trying to meet basic needs such as eating, finding a safe place to sleep and shower are all-consuming, leaving no energy for anything else.

No Way Out of Using Drugs & Alcohol

For the homeless person, living in constant uncertainty, fear and degradation, the only thing that seems left to do is continue using, because that at least provides some level of relief.

There Is Hope

If you or someone you love is facing homelessness as a result of addiction, there is hope. Drug and alcohol treatment offers not only a safe place to be, it also offers a new way of life. Many recovering addicts who had lost everything, their jobs, homes, families and health have recovered and built successful, fulfilling lives, often even better than before. A comeback is absolutely realistic, although it may not feel like it. Drug addiction and homelessness may feel like the end, but for the addict who gets help, it is just the beginning.

Originally published at https://leveluplakeworth.com on March 2, 2017.

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